Chemie Quiz 10 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

///Chemie Quiz 10 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

Chemie Quiz 10 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

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How many structural (constitutional) isomers with molecular formula C5H10 are there?

The simplest alkyne is:

Hydrocarbons containing carbon-carbon triple bonds are called:

Aromatic hydrocarbons:

All of the following are common reactions of benzene except:

On the basis of the number of carbon-hydrogen bonds, all of the following families of compounds can be considered unsaturated except:

By the nitration of benzene following compound is formed as a main product:

What are the products when benzene is burnt in a plentiful supply of oxygen?

Which of the following might not be an arene?

The compound prepared by dehydrogenation of ethanol has common name:

Find the secondary alcohol:

Find the compound containing primary alcohol group:

Compounds with the -OH group attached to a saturated alkane-like carbon are known as:

Which of the following organic compounds is very likely to form hydrogen bonds?

The alcohol which contains only one carbon atom and has the common name of wood alcohol is:

The common name of CH3CH2OH is: