Chemie Quiz 8 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

///Chemie Quiz 8 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

Chemie Quiz 8 | Premium oder Selbstvorbereiter Paket

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Consider the following:

Which two structures represent the same compound:

CH3CH2OCH2CH3 and CH3CH2CH2CH2OH are examples of what are now termed:

Select the molecular formula of toluene:

Find the correct systematic name for the given hydrocarbon:


The systematic name for acetone is:

Select the name of hydrocarbon:

Find the secondary alcohol:

Select the name of (CH3)2NH:

What is the number of carbon atoms in benzyl alcohol?

Which of the following molecular formulas is the correct molecular formula of diethylether?

Select the group that is named vinyl:

Which of the following is a methylene group:

Compounds composed of only carbon and hydrogen and commonly obtained through the refining of crude oil; these are the primary constituent parts of both gasoline and diesel fuel are:

Select the name of the given compound:

The correct systematic name of the hydrocarbon with the condensed structural formula is:

Phenol is a derivative of an: