For many, after graduating from high school, the question of what to do after school. I personally wanted to start with a medical degree, but from the beginning was very difficult. My NC of 2.6 left me with little options and waiting six to eight years seemed to me to be no option! I was able to study medicine abroad at that time, but at the time I was not really ready for such a step.

In the end, after many conversations and considerations, I ended up in chemistry. Chemistry has the advantage in the working world that the study at all universities in Germany is very similar, with which the future employer knows very well what he gets from one. Unfortunately, biology, which I wanted to study as a substitute for medicine, can not prove that. It is a subject that is so big that you can only study certain parts of your studies. This has the disadvantage that different universities focus different areas and the employer in the end does not know exactly what he gets from a biology graduate. Accordingly, biologists are not very popular in the job market and in the end they are poorly paid. A professor at the MHH, who is also a biologist, once said to me

As already mentioned, I ended up with chemistry. Unfortunately, I let a lot of time pass until I came to the conclusion that chemistry is not for me and I do not want to practice the profession later. Again I asked myself, what am I doing now? I returned to medicine very quickly, but this time I was older and ready to go abroad. I had discussions with students who are already studying medicine abroad. Everyone was super satisfied and just said that you have to take a step and then realize that it is just right. Motivated by the conversations, I started to look for an organization that could help me with my studies abroad. I wanted something more personal, because you go down as a single customer with such large companies. After a short time I came across the name “MedVarna” and after a short phone call and a long interview in private, I decided to go with this organization and so far I am very satisfied!
Max Keding

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