Wie Du Dich optimal auf den Medizinertest vorbereitest

//Wie Du Dich optimal auf den Medizinertest vorbereitest

Wie Du Dich optimal auf den Medizinertest vorbereitest

In this blog post we tell you how the medical test at the MU Varna is structured and how you master this entrance exam sovereign

Before applicants to study at MU Varna, they must pass the so-called medical test. This entrance examination includes a written exam in the subjects Biology and Chemistry as well as an oral exam in Biology (course contents below).

All exams are in English. The written exam covers the following five types of tasks:

Multiple choice questions: There are four answer options per question, of which exactly one is correct.
Gaps: From one section of the text, four words or terms are deleted for each task that the student has to complete.
Mapping tasks (matchinquestions): In a column, objects (terms, etc.) are listed, which must be connected to an object from another column.
Right / Wrong Questions: Applicants must decide if a statement is right or wrong.
Definitions and explanations.

On the one hand, the university wants to use the medical test to test the previous knowledge of the applicants. On the other hand, it also ensures that future students have the appropriate English language skills to follow their studies.


Do not worry: Everyone has a good chance of passing the medical exam – so far all our competitions have been successful. For that very reason, we advise a focused preparation: It would be a pity if your application at this hurdle failed.

medvarna offers preparatory courses in Germany

In order to secure the best possible entry chances into your studies, medvarna offers courses that specifically prepare you for the medical exam. These English-language courses take place twice a month in Heidelberg. The next courses start on:


By the way: On request, we also provide you with the preparation in individual lessons.

medvarna is in close contact with the Medical University of Varna and is therefore very familiar with the contents and requirements of the medical examination. Accordingly, we have tailored our teaching specifically to the requirements of the entrance exam.

Our course instructors are English native speakers who already study biology or chemistry during a higher semester or even do a PhD in one of these subjects. The study groups are very small, so that you are optimally cared for individually. In the classroom, there is a targeted check on where the weaknesses of the participants lie.

We give you continuous feedback about trial tasks. Thus, your learning progress becomes transparent for you and for the lecturers at all times. The course is initially scheduled for two weeks, but can be extended for free if you have any further learning needs after this time.

Finally, we give you a German-language overview of the contents of our preparation courses (the medical exam and our preparatory courses are both held in English):

Course contents Chemistry

a) Inorganic Chemistry

Basic concepts of chemistry
Atomic structure
Periodic table
Chemical bonds
Elements of chemistry
Chemical compounds
Reduction-oxidation reactions
Chemical equilibrium
Acids and bases

b) Organic Chemistry

Basic concepts of organic chemistry
Hydrocarbons: Alkanes, Alkenes
Aromatic hydrocarbons: Arenes
Alcohols and phenols
Aldehydes and ketones
Carboxylic acids
Amino acids

Course content Biology

Parts of the human body
The cell: shape and structure
The skin and its appendages
The skeletal system
Tissue: epithelial, connective, muscular and nervous tissues
The human muscular system
The digestive system
Oral cavity: type and structure of the teeth
Oral cavity: function of the teeth
Cardiovascular system : Structure and function
The internal environment of the organism: blood and lymph
Respiratory system: structure and functions
Urinary system: structure and functions
Nervous system: structure and functions
Sense organs: types, structure and functions
Glands: species, location, structure and functions
The reproductive system
Drugs and dosage forms: Substance abuse

We from medvarna and our lecturers would be happy to meet you personally on one of the preparatory courses! If you have any questions, you can always contact us by email, via the contact form or by phone.

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